?If we CANT see both ENDS of the Tape ! Also we all WANT bonus points on SPURS ?

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Fellow Contestants ;-/

Just to inform y’all , I am not a judge. I may help on way or another.

The judges have informed me that when measuring BEARDS to make sure both ends of the tape “CAN” be easily SEEN. ? VERY Important ?

On the SPURS ! Just because the tip is on the 1/4 or 1/2 mark but the INCH cut is a little past where the SPUR starts , don’t get upset is bonus points are not scored.

They treat me just the same. (If I can kill a bird )

Remember this is a friendly competition for fun. It’s to meet fellow turkey ? hunters and enjoy the outdoors.
Hunt safe and wash your hands often. ?

Make sure to look at the example pics.


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Yea right, this is a cut-throat turkey killing challange! If y'all don't count my jake's .375 inch spurs, I'm going to take my ball and go home! Haha, jk

Thanks for everything you and the judges to and put up with!