If you are a winner check in here for prize info!

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Thanks to our very generous sponsors for keeping the Bowhunting Challenge alive!

You will need to PM the donor with your mailing address if you won a gift card or other prize.

Akins Ford has donated $1000 to go toward Bass Pro gift cards! Contact Kris87 with your address
($100 gift card to each member of the 1st (mathewshunter, bowtech011, mmsjwhitehead)
2nd (BOWROD, Heartstopper4, Middle Georgia Sportsman)
3rd (swwtv, Bloodtrail tv, tc2015)
$100 gift card to the highest scoring entrant in the contest that is not on one of the top 3 teams.
(Blackeagle 230.92)

Arcus Hunting LLC is donating $500 in merchandise from their brands Obsession Bows, Whitetail Obsession Scents, Tinks, Dead Down Wind, Trophy Taker and Ram Cat Broadheads! Contact SWWTV

alligood729 (David) has donated one dozen Radial X Weave Hunter arrows to each member of the first place team! (mathewshunter, bowtech011, mmsjwhitehead)

pasinthrough (Derik) has donated a pack of QAD Exodus broadheads to the person who kills and enters the first buck, and also to the person who kills and enters the first doe in the month of October. Must be killed in October.

hrstille is donating a Browning Strike Force trail camera to the first person who enters two does and a buck in the contest. Please note that to win the camera you will not be able to replace that buck!:clap:(Middle Georgia Sportsman)

mesena man and Bob's Bait and Tackle on Clark Hill are combining to offer the winning team a fishing trip. Mesena man is providing the boat and Bob's is providing the bait. Winning team will have to work out the best date with mesena man. mathewshunter, bowtech011, mmsjwhitehead)


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Thanks bowchilling and all of the people who donated , pasinthrough already delivered the broad heads and I already tested one out , thanks again !!


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I couldn't kill a deer with my bow. 1st time in years. Enjoyed it just the same.
Thanks to all who donated. & everyone who helped do the show.


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Thanks everyone who helped out and bowchilling for running a top notch competition. Made some good friends over the last 2 years. This season wasn't great but had a blast and looking forward to next year


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Congrats to the winners! Another fun year and lots of awesome bow kills! Thanks again to all prize donors to make this happen and to Billy for putting up with us again! Til next year boys or see you in the turkey challenge!
I have the 10 Bass Pro cards. Still waiting on a bunch of addresses. If you got lucky, and finished in the top 3, please send me your info. Thanks. :D
I have a few of the top nine guy's info. I really didn't want to make multiple trips to the post office before I mailed these. I'm not just putting them in an envelope. Sorry for those in a hurry....Ask your teammates if they have submitted their info! That'll help.
8 of the 10 BPS gift cards hit the mail this morning. Waiting on two addresses from Team Defcon....aka...Obsession Monkeys