If You Sleep Thru This Election, Here's What You'll Wake Up To

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NRA-ILA ^ | 19 Oct 2004 | Wayne La Pierre

You can expect a ban on semi-automatic shotguns.

Kerry co-sponsored the Lautenberg gun ban bill (S. 1431) designed to give government the authority to outlaw them.

You can expect a ban on ammunition, especially center-fire rifle ammunition.

Kerry voted for Ted Kennedy’s ban on ammunition used by deer hunters and target shooters nationwide. You can expect a ban on all semi-automatic rifles.

Kerry worked hard to keep the Clinton gun ban lie alive, and even supports expanding the 1994 ban to outlaw millions of additional firearms.

You can expect fewer licensed firearms dealers and that means you will pay higher prices.

Kerry voted to increase fees on ffls by 3,600 percent, an increase that would force many small or part-time dealers out of business.

You can expect to pay exorbitant “vice” taxes on guns and ammunition.

Kerry treats the Second Amendment like a sin that should be taxed to pay for the acts of criminals.

You can expect more hatred for hunters as extremist anti-hunting and gun-ban groups gain membership and influence.

Kerry has a 100 percent a rating from radical groups like peta, the Fund for Animals and the Brady Campaign, which swells their ranks and war chests.

You can expect to be prosecuted for giving or selling your gun to a friend or family member.

Kerry voted to criminalize sales between lawful private citizens at gun shows, with the real goal of shutting them down forever.

Kerry has a 100 percent a rating from radical groups like peta, the Fund for Animals and the Brady Campaign.

You can expect a U.S. Supreme Court stacked to erase our Second Amendment freedom from American life.

Kerry would appoint the likes of Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer to the u.s. Supreme Court.

You can expect a return to those dangerous soft-on-crime Clinton years.

Kerry has voted for violent armed criminals and drug traffickers to get less jail time, more parole time and unlimited death penalty appeals.

You can expect gun-haters to get the most powerful payback positions in Kerry’s administration.

Anti-gun bureaucrats would run the federal government—hand-picked by the likes of Dianne Feinstein and Ted Kennedy.

You can expect American gun makers to shut down.

Kerry voted to force America’s firearms industry into bankruptcy under an avalanche of junk lawsuits brought by greedy trial lawyers.

You can expect the 60-day ban on political free speech to turn into forever.

Whatever it takes to keep you quiet—Kerry voted to muzzle your voice during elections.

You can expect endless, pointless waiting periods to buy a gun.

Kerry never saw a waiting period he didn’t like—even after you pass the instant background check—and voted for them 11 times.

You can expect multi-billionaire George Soros to control the White House, the U.S. Senate and the Supreme Court.

He’s the sugar daddy funding countless front groups to get Kerry and certain senators elected, who in turn appoint and approve judges.

You can expect the United Nations to take over American gun rights.

Kerry supports u.n. approval of U.S. policy, which could include George Soros’ plan for a global gun ban being railroaded through the u.n.

You can expect harassment from every corner of society.

An anti-gun president gives every gun-hating pen pusher the silent nod to make your gun rights a difficult, expensive bureaucratic nightmare.

How Bad Can He Be?

“Come on,” says your trusting inner voice, “could a John Kerry presidency really be that bad?”

Whatever nightmare scenario gun owners can conjure under a Kerry administration, the reality would likely be much worse.

The history of William Jefferson Clinton proves it.

First, compare Bill Clinton’s pre-presidential record with John Kerry’s pre-presidential record.

When he ran for president in 1992, Bill Clinton didn’t have much of a record on firearm freedoms.

It wasn’t an a+ record, but it was certainly nothing resembling the sad saga of extremism that Kerry has displayed in the u.s. Senate.

Dwarfed by the double-decade, systematic gun-hating career of John Kerry, Bill Clinton was a rank amateur. By Kerry’s standards, Clinton wasn’t even a contender.

Now, consider the colossal campaigns of President Bill Clinton to restrict or revoke your right to keep and bear arms.

Recall the Clinton administration’s eight-year war against gun owners, from the 1994 semi-auto ban to the “Million” Mom March to gun owner registration plans blaming this great Association for criminal violence in America.

It took Clinton only two years to cement his legacy as the Second Amendment’s biggest enemy ever to rule the Oval Office.

Gun owners can be forgiven if they failed to fathom the danger of a Clinton White House in 1992. No one could’ve predicted it in advance.

Today the exact opposite is the case. We know in advance.

We’re not looking at a man who, as it turned out, became the most anti-gun president in u.s. history.

We’re looking at a man who, based on historical fact, is already known to be the most anti-gun presidential nominee in u.s. history.

History doesn’t move along a fairly foreseeable path, like the plodding progression of a glacier. Every so often, history is written with the seismic suddenness of a shattering earthquake. Nature rarely warns of a coming catastrophe.

But in this election we’ve been warned. We’ve seen enough past to prevent a future we don’t want.

Election Day is that chance, and 2008 will be too late.

Posted: 10/19/2004

Studies by the Departments of Justice and the Treasury have determined that most criminals obtain firearms through illegal and informal channels where no "waiting period" exists. (Bureau of Justice St... Read More

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Equal Opportunity Scare Mongering


Gone But Not Forgotten

I think you done taken the yellow brick road to the left. ::huh:


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Nope just calling the hypocrasy; the Right has been whining about all the scare tactics used by the Left while at teh same time employing the tactic themselves.

Of course, also noticed that it seems to be at least 6 Kerry supporters as evidenced by the 6 who responded to a question specifically for Kerry Supporters!;) ROFLMAO


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OK...maybe a few were "what ifs"..

Here are some that have already ocurred. This is NOT a guy I would want in any position in government..


This information comes from the NRA American Hunter November 2004 and is properly footnoted. See page 65-66 of that issue.

1) Kerry Co-sponsors a bill that would ban all semi-automatic shotguns and detachable-magazine semi-automatic rifles, a gigantic step toward bringing Australian-style gun control to the the US.

2) Kerry says, "I think you ought to tax all ammunition, personally, I think you ought to tax guns."

3) Kerry has voted nine times in favor of banning semi-auto firearms.

4) Kerry has voted for a Ted Kennedy amendment to ban most center-fire rifle ammunition, including the most common rounds used by hunters and target shooters.

5) Kerry has voted to close off hundreds of thousands of acres of the California Mojave Desert to Hunting.

6) Kerry has voted to hold the highly regulated American Firearms industry legally responsible for illegal acts of violent criminals.

7) Kerry was one of only 18 Senators to oppose the Firearms Owners' Protection Act, which ended alarming abuses being committed under the 1968 Gun Control Act.

8) Kerry was on of only 29 senators to vote to prohibit gun manufacturers from discharging debts. created by the reckless lawsuit filed by municipalities.

9) Kerry has voted to allow BATF to conduct unlimited warrantees inspections of FFL holders.

10) Kerry has voted to criminalize legal sales between private individuals at gun shows.

11) Kerry has voted to impose penalties of a year in prison and $10,000. fine on an adult if a juvenile steals a firearm from him, and then merely displays it in a public place.

12) Kerry has voted to force many small firearms dealers out of business, which would have impacted both the availability and price of guns, particularly in rural areas.

13) Kerry voted 11 times to force law abiding citizens to wait to exercise there Second Amendment rights. He voted to keep the federal waiting period after the National Instant Check System was in place.

14) Kerry voted twice to eliminate the Civilian Marksmanship Program.

15) Kerry wants to silence gun owner's voices. When NRA sought the same exemption from campaign finance rules that news organizations have, Kerry called that effort "hijacking America's airwaves."

16) Kerry commended the Million Mom March for their march on Washington that included calls for gun owner licensing, gun registration and the other restrictions on Law-abiding gun owners.