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Maybe I'm asking too much but I think the art of sharpening a knife has been lost by most. The last few hog kill'ns the knives have been horrible to say the least. Ole Denise had it down with a wet rock, shave you clean sharp but he retired. The last month a new guy, man has been doing it with an electric gizmo. All he's doing is eating the blade away and giving us butter knives to work with. Me and the other de-boner have had to use our rocks to get through the kill'n and sharpen the skinners and cutters knives too for them.

Daddy taught me many moons ago how to sharpen a knife. I guess I just assume every man should know how.

Rant over....


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Inherited a bunch of old school stones, oils and leather straps. The only one I can use is the newer double round rod.

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I enjoy sittin with rock on my knee and a knife in my hand. I have an Arkansas stone that was passed down to me that will put an edge on one


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I have a double sided stone,,,but believe it or not,I use sand paper,I can go to 20,000 grit if I want too,,,,use the stone to clean it up,,,,sandpaper to put on a edge,,,,


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My dad taught me on an oil stone. Push the blade into the stone on about a 20 degree angle, moving from hilt to tip as you go, keeping the stone wet with oil.

Haven't been able to get a good edge for a while...maybe it's my stone, maybe my technique.

How do you all do it?


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Lots of people never learned the art of sharpening a knife or an Ax...My Grandpa showed me how to do both a long time ago among other people as well. I like using fine sandpaper to sharpen a knife and I have a two sided stone and a ceramic round rod it puts a good edge on a knife. I am not an expert but I had several people at work who every now and then would ask me to sharpen a knife for them I didn't mind..I guess some people just don't wanna learn to do things for themselves..


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THIS the last sentence, I sharpen all my knives ,axes and hoes I use to have a couple good rocks but the kids bought me a DMT diamond stone got a bunch of blue dots on it and buddy it will put a edge on it. Most of the problem nowadays is that folks don't know how to maintain the edge.


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It took me a long time to learn how to sharpen one. Still not an expert, but I will get it sharp. I do better with diamond stones than whet stones.
My grandpa worked as a mechanic at a turkey process plant when he was done farming for the winter.

All the cutter ladies would send their knives home with him at the end of the day to sharpen.

Watching him sharpen 30-40 knives in about 10 minutes was like watching Edward scissor-hands.

I can get them razor sharp but it takes me a few minutes.

I have the diamond stones too. They sure make the final stage easier to get there.

Taught my oldest daughter how to get a knife scary sharp just a few weeks ago.

She went through my wife's knife drawer and got them fixed up.

Wife's knife drawer is where she stores her ice-knives, paint can openers and pry bar-knives. Only had to put a grinder and file on 2 with bent tips. Daughter did the rest meticulously.


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I'm no pro at it but all my knives are sharp and stay that way. Depending on the knife in hand, I may use a stone, diamond plate or rod.

Fillet knives only see the rod. Every knife is re-edged after each use, though. I wash it immediately, dry and edge it before putting away.

The ulu is used most and maintaining the edge is definitely the most difficult to learn.
If I'm wearing pants or shorts I have my 2 blade Case Trapper in my front right pocket....
I'll ask H22 if he has his knife. He says, I got on pants don't I. :bounce::bounce:
My son carries one too. Come to think of it, I don't think I know a male that doesn't carry a knife. I got a neck knife and one that I can carry on my belt. I miss those old knife makers that used to post in the hobby forum. Bought many a knife from them.:rockon: As far as sharpening. I'll let H22 do that part.