I'm 35 And Have No Hunting Friends...

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I didn't grow up in a family that hunted. Nobody had guns (except the ex-military guys, and those were Beretta 9mm). We lived in a safe neighborhood outside of Chicago. I went to college in Northern Michigan and decided to hang with my fraternity brother as he slug hunted deer. He got one, gutted it, had it butchered, ate me some venison jerky. Following year, got to fire my first gun at my first deer. It was his 12 and had to use a slug and I did an amazing job of taking out a small tree next to that deer and spending the next 30 minutes wondering how the someone shoots a gun that kicks like that. Later on I fell in love with the 12 gauge and have been doing skeet/trap using a tactical Mossberg with a 28" barrel added to it. I get a lot of looks but I'm not buying fancy shotguns.

Fast forward well over 10 years, I'm 35 and have decided to go for a hunt. I've been doing range shooting for a little while now, specifically I'm interested in long-range shooting. I use Savage rifles and Athlon optics right now for paper punching. Getting pretty reasonable.

I've signed up for a Hunter's Education course (in Sandy Springs, I think) and hope that it'll teach me where on public land I'm allowed to hunt, how to actually share the land, and something about leases and what not since that same buddy told me public land hunting is rough. I live downtown so unless I snipe out of my window at pigeons and consequently get arrested, there's no land in my name (although I'm looking, not even just for hunting but for race car storage).

I guess the point is, if anyone wants to mentor a newb and make a buddy... I'm your guy! :)


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Welcome,,,,you should be able to find someone here,,,,
Indeed. I'm 56, been hunting since I was a little boy following Daddy around.

I have made some good friends here in the 10+ years I've been on this board. Lot of good folks here.
Welcome! Keep posting and you’ll make friends. I’ve only been here a week or so and already met people in real life from these boards.


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Welcome, you just tapped into more knowledge than you can absorb. Keep posting and reading, you'll find a hunting buddy.


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Welcome to the Campfire. Lots of good folks on here.
Welcome to camp. Enjoy the fire and remember to share your adventures.
Funny you mentioned pigeons, when I was a kid I remember a few times we had pigeon shooting day in my home town. Plenty of good fokes here I hope you find your match.


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Welcome....lots of great knowledge to be gained here just by reading. Sure there will be a few folks on here who hunt public willing to take you out in a general area and give you some pointers.

Good luck and keep us posted and don't be afraid to post a question on here. Like ringorock stated, late hog season is a good time to learn the woods and still see sign of that's year deer season.


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Here, here. I'll take you public land hunting. We have until Feb 29 to hunt the northern zones for hogs. Let's grab a beer prior. Shoot me a pm.
OP..... I'd jump on this offer. You will possibly make a good Buddy that knows public land.

Can't hardly beat this offer.
GOOD ON YOU ringorock for making the offer !!!!!!!!!


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Welcome 'MT'. I grew up in the midwest also, and did 6 years in Chi-town after college. Georgia is blessed with some great public hunting lands, many within an hour or so of ATL. Spend the 'off season' doing some homework, some hiking/scouting and make some friends on here.
Welcome to Georgia and GON!

You lucked up already just finding this Forum.