I'm about burnt out !!!!!

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Been bowhunting since opening weekend and just couldn't make myself go this past weekend. Ready to hear the beagles run, see the crappie pole bend and hear the turkeys gobble.



Man, I hate to hear that brother.....

Here's an easy fix......

"GET A GUN AND HIT THE WOODS"!!!!!!!!!!!!! :bounce: :) :bounce:

I'd be burnt out too, if'n I'd been huntin' with a bow since Sept. 11th......

I just don't see how ya'll do it......

Ya'll are diehard.........No question about it....... :cool:


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Don't be so dedicated to the bow you burn yourself out Jody. You have my admiration though.


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Deer dogs ---tags???

Saturday evening three deer dog chased a deer across my farm. Their is not a dog hunting club within a mile or two from my place. These three dogs did not have any markings on them. I thought the new law stated that dogs had to be clearly marked. Anyway, I should have gottten down out of my stand and went home becasue nothing moved after the dogs ran through the property.

I'm tired of people not doing what is right! :(