I'm Glad Y'all FINALLY Got Them Logs Rearranged!😜

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I follow and post on a fishing forum for the Big Bend region of Florida where I do most of my fishing. I watched the political forum there create such an uproar that the people who wanted to talk about fishing just up and left. When they got rid of the political forum, people started to post fishing reports again.

Everything has a time and a place, and I can understand GON's decision to take down a political forum. If you want to argue politics (and I do enjoy talking politics...I made my share of posts on the political forum) there are other places you can still do that.
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Not showing up for me, If we are ditching the political forum there better be some hoochie mommas and that herb to keep some of us around
That forum is for members who pay for a premium membership. Or, willing to trade some weed for access. :bounce:


So if we can’t discuss politics because it drives a wedge and it’s bad I guess we can’t talk about gun ban bills either
As long as we is banding things, I say lets band water lice and wake boats, and restrict ditch pickle fisherpersons to farm ponds and lakes of around 100 acres.


Yeah, like all of the rich Ga fisherman! Ruining it for us Fl boys!
Well......... we gotta argue about sumpin.
From what I have seen at the ramp at Horseshoe, ya'll Florida boys do a good job of ruining stuff yourself.:bounce:


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Don't care much for duck hunting. Do care alot about the rapid eroding of our freedoms.

But then my wife says I am one of the most argumentative persons she has ever known.
And you disagreed, correct?
Well, I can clearly see both sides of the issue.

What I can say for sure is that I got sucked in and spent too much time wading around in the PF this election cycle. A whole lotta people spent a whole lotta time arguing, posting, posturing, and none of it accomplished a thing. Except getting a bunch of good folks run off, when their belly got full, and they went too far.

If the Admin here made the decision to AX the PF, I don't blame them. Much better stuff than politics to talk about..

If the decision was somehow made FOR them, I guess we are in real trouble...
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