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TBG Members,

It is that time again to make your vote count in this year's election cycle. Participation has been low in the past, so please lets change that trend this year and get your candidates, bio information, and votes in a timely manner! TBG is all of us United, no matter what you like to bowhunt with: let it be a Selfbow, a recurve, a longbow, of an ILF, as long as there are no sights or wheels you are a dedicated Barebow enthusiasts! We are all bonded by our passion for bow hunting the hard way. Please make sure you are up to date with your dues, it's important for our organization. Make your vote count!

Below is a list of the Officer Titles and Guidelines of Responsibilities.


Executive Board:

The executive board of officers will be elected by the majority of the qualified membership in accordance with the election procedures outlined under Article Eight. All terms are for two years.

The executive board shall be made up of the following members:

1) President: His duties shall be consistent with the presidency of all similar organizations: to preside at meetings, to appoint committees, to represent the organization at official and unofficial functions, and to ensure that the goals and purposes of the organization are pursued by the other officers and the membership. (Currently: Todd Cook-Cartersville)

2) Vice-President: His duties shall be the same as that of the President but to be exercised only if the particular duty is designated to the Vice-President from the President The V.P. may sit on any committee as designated by the President In the event that the President cannot complete his term, the Vice-President shall succeed him until the next regular election. (Currently: Vance Henry-Thompson)

3) Secretary/Treasurer: His duties shall be consistent with the title and will include maintaining a record of club funds and expenditures (a report will be given annually either at the responsibilities designated to him by the President. (Currently: Jeff Hampton-Powder Springs)

There will be three geographic regions. They are as follows:

A) Northern Rep: represents that area north of 1-20 from Alabama to Augusta, Georgia. (Currently: Crispin Henry-Dunwoody)

B) Central Rep: represents that area south of 1-20 from Alabama to Augusta, Georgia and north of US 80 from Columbus to Macon in western Georgia and north of 1-16 from Macon to Savannah. (Currently: vacant: temporary fill in- Buck Ernst)

C) Southern Rep: represents that area south of US 80 from Columbus to Macon and south responsibilities designated to him by the President. (Currently: Dendy Cromer-DeSoto)

Not Elected Officers; serve at the pleasure of the President:

5) Editor: The position of Editor shall be a position appointed by the President. The editor is responsible for putting together the T.B.G. Online Magazine on a quarterly basis to keep members informed about club news and functions. When any amendments to existing bylaws are made, the Editor shall incorporate the changes into a written copy of the amended bylaws and publish the new bylaws in the next newsletter to be distributed to all members in good standing. The editor is a voting member of the board. (Currently: Gene Bramblett-Gainesville)

6) Youth Director
The executive board shall meet annually prior to the fundraising banquet, and this meeting shall be open to the membership. (Currently: Tony Smith-Williamson)



Elections will be completed during the month of August and the officers-elect will take office on September 1 of the election year.
An election committee chairman appointed by the President shall recruit two regular members to form an election committee. Committee responsibilities will be:

A) Recruiting two qualified nominees for each office. No office can be won in an unopposed election.
B) Nominees must be regular members in good standing.
C) The committee will nominate, qualify, and notify all nominees of their acceptance for nomination.
D) Regular members may submit names to the committee for consideration.
E) Ballots will be printed, addressed and mailed first class by July 10 of each election year.*** CHANGE 2019***: All votes will be done online via through electronic email to cast votes into the TBG Voting Program.
F) Ballots will be returned to the chairman of the election committee by August 1 for tally. ***NEW for 2019 ELECTRONIC VOTING ***
G) Ballots shall be maintained by the committee chair for a period of one year following the election.
H) Should the election be contested in any way, the challenge must be in writing and can only be submitted by a regular member The election committee shall meet with the complainant within thirty days of receipt of the complaint for a recount The nominees involved in the contested election may be present for the recount if they so choose. The committee’s original tally will be honored until proven to be in error.

Special Elections: In the event that any office is vacated with more than one calendar year remaining until the next general election, a special election shall be held. In order to expedite the process, the President shall act as the Special Election Committee Chair and two officers of his choice will make up the committee. In the event that an office becomes vacant with less than one calendar year to the next election, the President may appoint a regular member to that office with a majority approval of the Executive Board.

Please email bios, or candidate considerations to me John Powell at: feelthepowell@aol.com

Once we get down to the exact candidates: we would like to try to have them make a self tutorial/YouTube bio video (if possible) to help current members get to know the candidates on a more personal basis.