Inflatable kayak


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Although I have no experience, I did a ton of research before buying my first kayak about a month ago and every bit of my research led me to believe that inflatables are not the way to go and people usually end up selling them for a regular kayak almost immediately.

Again, no experience, just what I read on the internet - and it's illegal to post false info on the internet!

See what I did there? :D


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I've got one(had) tore a hole in it on a trip down the river.I wouldn't.
Ive got a dragon fly inflatable..... caught many a fish from it too. Its got a pretty rugged outer covering so I'm not worried about sticks or anything poking holes in it....
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I've read a bunch of reviews on these and very few are negative. They seem to have a thick outer skin and I am pressed for space. Rated for class IV rapids. Not that I would be doing that but seems like its tough enough. Thanks for the replies.


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Last one I used... the wind blew me all over the river. Also, the inflatable seat was so soft I felt like I was trying to paddle while sitting on a foam pillow. A miserable trip...
The only reason I can see to buy one would be if I only had a car trunk to carry a boat in.
My advice would be to get a decent hard sit on top kayak with a good comfortable seat.
I have a friend who has a sea eagle inflatable Kyak. He is a young guy who is a fly fisherman and he doesn’t have a truck so he carries it in his trunk of his eco sedan. For him he likes it, but he will jump at the chance to borrow a real Kyak when possible. i was surprise how well it worked for him. He probably only weighs about 150#s. He glides through the water pretty good. I believe that the ruggedness of inflatables has come a long way in the last ten years. I have fished from inflatable drift boats / RIB plenty, and have never punctured one with a fishing hook.