Inheriting Gentleness

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This is a beautiful and mysterious part of the gospel. We are fully transformed into new creatures when we place our trust in Jesus, but we are still maturing in our ability to express this new creature. And we can actively choose not to on several occasions! Gentleness is a great example of this. If you have Jesus within you, then you ARE a gentle person. You may not be able to fully express it yet. You might even choose to be harsh or cruel at times. This doesn't change who you ARE at your very core - it just may show you areas you need to mature in.
Today, remind yourself: "I am a gentle person, at my core. I'm going to live like I believe it today."

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I was thinking about something along these lines yesterday. That as we age we may become more Christlike. Gentle, humble, helpful, more forgiving, etc.
That we may even have some mental experience that happens slowly that teaches or shows us how to do this. What it actually is, is love.

Maybe even a path away from judging others, away from the legalistic aspect, etc. to love.