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I have several carbon storm 60/75 arrows that the inserts just flew out of when it stuck out the other side of the target. What size inserts do i need to replace them? I can't find the answer anywhere so hoping y'all can help.
You best stop by an Archery shop with an arrow to make for sure you get the right size. Sounds like they either were not glued or someone used old glue and it gave. Buy a dozen inserts, when you get home, screw an old broad head ferrule in and see if you can pull the other old ones out. If so, re glue them before you loose them.
Yea that's my next plan, but was just hoping i could do it myself. I could if i only knew the size.
You can look for the specific arrow at such places like Lancaster Archery. Lancaster usually provides arrow specs including the Arrow ID (inside diameter).


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It’s been a minute on this topic, but harbor freight has micrometers for a few bucks and digital micro scales too. You can measure and weigh arrows n bolts yourself. I cut down some Wally World 29” arrows(HF has Dremels too) to 25” and replaced the 12 grain inserts with 100 gr(eBay) inserts. Now I have 490 grain arrows .......I’m also replacing veins with a home made jig.