Inshore bottom fishing advice...


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1/4 or 3/8 jig head with a Gulp shrimp bounced off the bottom should catch drum, flounder, etc. Weight depends on strength of tide/water flow. To fish the bottom, you have to get down there.

Another tactic is a split shot crimped on your line 8 - 12 inches above your hook, then fish live or cut bait. You can also use an egg sinker and tie a leader on the end of your line.
I have had some luck on a Carolina rig with a kahle hook and mud minnow. We usually throw a jig head with a gulp shrimp or minnow as well. I would love to know everyone's normal setups.
I’ve done best with a drop shot rig, baited with cracked crab, dead shrimp, or cut mullet. Find the deep holes for the bull reds and black drum .
This is great advice for bull drum. Worth the extra effort to use cracked crab.