Intracoastal waterway. Good or bad idea?

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Hey y'all. So, I'm a big fan of fishing around Jekyll Island, and I was wondering if my boat would be safe in the Intracoastal waterway/inshore. It's a 16' bowrider with a 70 HP outboard. Picture attached. Might be a dumb question, but I want some advice before I drown myself if it's too small. Couple pics attached.



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Is it self bailing? That would be the determining factor for me. I’ve had too many unexpected waves swamp my boat.


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I would fish out of that boat in the Intracoastal anytime.. The only problem with fishing there in our area is the boat traffic, aggravating as all get out..


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we use to fish 7to 9 miles offshore in a boat like that just have to watch the weather Closely and i do mean closely. But it should be fine


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I used to fish the Brunswick river as well as the many nearby lesser waterways in a 14ft cobia with a 40 horse mariner. On calm days, even had it a few miles off Jekyll.
Being a bit bigger and faster, I think a 16/70 would be ok
I have watched that same exact boat take many waves over the bow in a lake. The front sits too low for me to take it anywhere where it might be sketchy
I went from Brunswick to St. Augustine via the Intracoastal on labor day weekend. Other than the bay in Brunswick, it was very smooth and I could have taken my 20' ski boat with no issues. IF the weather rolls in, it will get rough in a hurry.

Edit: we had multiple lake boats with our group that went (Starcraft, etc.) in the 20-22' range who had no issues. I would take it easy and be mindful of the weather.


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I would not have any problem taking it out in that water. I would try to stay out of traffic. There are lots of creeks and rivers off of the IW. I have fished out of all kinds of boats and get more conservative as I get older as to what I would do. Self-bailing is obviously the way to go. I would definitely have a large bilge pump and maybe a back-up. I wouldn't mess with the sound personally, but I am not as young as I was when I would. As always, your knowledge of the weather systems, marine wave data, and how to handle your boat are more important than the length of your boat. Know your limitations. Catch some fish.