Iranian Tanker Hit By 2 "Rockets".

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Just came down the pipe as of 2:30am.

No links yet. Iran is blaming the Saudi's.

Not sure if reporter's know the difference between a "rocket" and a missile. Me thinks it would be a sea- skimming missile?

Recon we will see.. 👀
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Found a link. Fine by me. We need to encourage Saudi's to seriously attack Iran.

That won't really be fair though. Saudi's have a BUNCH of U.S. Aircraft, French Ecocet anti- ship missles, etc..

Meanwhile, Iran has a few Russian aircraft and surface to air missles and what Sadam forfeited and gave Iran to keep the U.S. from embarrassing the Iraqi "Air Force" during Gulf War 1. They bump their gums about "attacking" U.S. and Israeli targets. That is a joke in itself..

Recon it's on now or, it wouldn't surprise me if Iran attacked their own ship. They are that stupid.

Should be fun to watch. 😀


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Crew unharmed and light damage to ship.

Looks like another warning to them.

Waiting 'til it gets really heated up. :pop:

The neighboring countries can deal with Iran in a very decisive manner should they choose to do so. Better they do it than the United States have to. Someone needs too...that's for certain. They can't be allowed to gain more advanced weaponry.
Iranian Tanker Damaged in Possible Missile Attack Off Saudi Coast
The National Iranian Tanker Co., which owns the oil tanker Sabiti, said the vessel was in the Red Sea, about 60 miles off the Saudi Arabian port
Sounds like terrorist Iran reaping what they sow.
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Like I said, I would not be surprised if they planted a mine, satchel charge or something
and blamed it on the Saudis.. Saudi's have plenty of OUR superior weapons. If they wanted to sink it, it would sink in a few minutes..

Sounds a little fishy to me. Maybe Iran want's to "justify" an attack on Saudi dirt or shipping.

I've not made up my mind yet. I'm looking at all angles and possibilities.


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Your shot up our pipeline, we shot up your ships.