Iron will and day six broadheads

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I have both in non vented 200gr
It’s amazing how sharp they are out of the package. They will pop hair, after 4 shots into foam the iron will still pops hair and the day six still shaves.
They spin true and fly great. It’s was a leap buying them because of the price. But as long as you don’t loose them they have a lifetime warranty. Replacement blades are affordable if you are sharpening challenged like myself.
They both are made of a different tool steel, much harder than other heads.
I know a guy that shot a bear with an iron will during testing and it broke a rib went through the bear and broke a leg bone and into the ground. It would still shave after all that.
Pretty crazy how an edge can hold up like that.
And the iron will come in a wooden box lol D120A206-B968-489E-83AF-7136B822A99D.jpeg 93A77750-C903-4418-AF8C-559869A1402C.jpeg