is it to late to plant for ducks?

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got a late start on a hunting track with multiple ponds along a creek. one pond is pumped for irrigation and water level fluctuates. is it to late to plant Japanese millet or any suggestions on what to plant this late in the summer?


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Its not to late to plant millet. Matures in 70-80 days. You'll be ok. Plus it stays warm in Ga into late October.
Like stated above, plenty of time on jap. I’m still planting rice and have barely started on the Jap. Trying to wait till mid August on it. This “new” weather extends planting season for sure. I’d trade it for the old though.
No, plenty of people plant corn a week or two before season. But really if the water level is Fluctuating often it may already have natural grass growing that will be sufficient.
Sling some 17-17-17 on it when it’s about calf high. Also be on the lookout for army worms around the full moons in August and September. They can undo what you’ve done real quick.


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If the areas you're looking to plant are already wet for a good portion of the year I'd be willing to bet you have a good stand of smartweed in at least one of them already. I wouldn't clear out the smartweed to plant anything else the odds are its going to out produce anything you plant and last longer. And its already there so you don't have to do anything but hunt it.
Would you fertilize if the PH is around 6?
That pH is great for jap, but yeah I would fertilize it if you can. You don’t have to like you do corn but it helps. As Squealer said watch for Army worms as that will typically be your biggest threat, much greater than pH or not fertilizing. I know several people who have had the “ deer and turkeys” clean out there Jap millet and when you look at it they have been decimated by army worms.
Ok, good deal. This area used to stay wet year round but the county busted up a beaver dam since it was causing flooding across a nearby dirt road. This area now gets dry in the summer but should be 3 ft deep in a normal winter. I'm now trying to reintroduce food in an area that used to be too deep to have anything grow in there. I'd like to get smart weed going if it's not already present.
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As stated above, if you can get in there and disturb the soil, you will get the seed bank to release all kinds of stuff...then you can cull the undesirables like sesbania, coffee weed and spike rush. It’s all right there in the soil.
Spent the day cutting out Sesbania that came up in the Smartweed...the result, Smartweed as far as the eye can see. Turn the soil, kill the undesirables and this will be the result. The work never stops...and neither does the reward.. View attachment 1030721
That is a very impressive stand of smart weed! In a coupe of months its going to be a sea of pink blooms. I just hope your local birds leave a little for the migrators