Is the season effectively over

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Is bear hunting season effectively over?
I've been going through the regs: there seems to be no more hunting dates on WMAs and the ChatNF ended late December. So even though the season says until Jan13, is that just for private land?
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Correct. You can still hunt bear on private land until 1/13 in northern zone.
Rabun, thanks! Just wanted to make sure i was reading the regs correctly. I planned on maybe fishing some small trout streams through a few areas and wondered if I should bring my xbow with me, just in case. I spent most of my time chasing whitetail this season, my first ever, but I think I might try for bear next season. I like fishing those streams and I like the mountains. The whitetail kicked my butt and left me with nothing.


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I'm with you. Hunted hard this year as well....developed plantar fasciitis and had to cut my season short at the best time to be in the woods. Never had a chance at a buck (i'll not kill a doe up there) and the three bears I saw all had cubs. But, wait til next year (y)


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Could always ask around if someone is having problem with bear on private land