ISO light weight portable bench rest suggections.

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I am looking for a light weight portable bench rest to shoot my pellet rifle. As I age I have developed a bit of a tremor making holding and steadying difficult. In the war against squirrels hogging the bird feeders I need some help and want to try a shooting rest.

Thanks for your ideas.


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Primos used to market some various shooting sticks.

Saw a guy using one at the shooting range getting tuned up for deer season. Had his lever gun laid on it.

He seemed to be picking off random targets out on the range. Drink bottles and other debris.

Stopped and talked with him during a cold range interval.

His was a bipod….he said they make single sticks, tripods and etc.

Looked like a great solution.

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Those tremors suck - I'm sure you have gotten checked for parkinsons, etc. My BIL has real bad shakes and he's had em for a long time - pre-parkisons they call it and his wife keeps him on some supplements that seem to help. He shoots a lot but is always looking for the magic bullet instead of accepting that his shakes don't help with accuracy.

I've got a lil bit of shakes too, always had em. Slight and not predictable - probably from Mt Dew. Enough that I will stop shooting if it starts.

Strength training might help too. When I travel to hunt I incorporate weights and body weight exercises along with frequent range trips. Don;t want to drive to WY or CO and miss cause I wasn't ready.

Anyway - I carry a shooting stick in the woods when I might have a 100-200 yard shot. The Primos sticks are nice but make sure you keep it dry. The Cabelas shooting sticks are sturdier and very nice - will be my next shooting purchase for this fall.

You can get a set of cheap bipods from Walmart - I used mine on an antelope out west at 350 yards and the $12-$15 bipods worked just fine. They can rest on a window sill or table or counter - wherever you need to rest em to eliminate the rodents.

We get wood rats in our feeder and have shot plenty but find that a hav-a-hart trap works better - bait it with sunflower seeds.

Hope this helps a little.


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I put a bipod I had laying around on my new Benjamin Cayden so I would have a stable gun while mounting the newly arrived picatinny risers. Lo and behold the bipod sits perfectly on the top surface of the lower window when I open the upper window to eliminate a fuel injection hose chewing rodent. I too have several moa of tremula and it really sucks. One thing that helped was using a bit more magnification so the movement is more noticeable and I can bear down and try to get steady. I also need to spread my feet apart more to give a more stable base. Getting old sucks,,,,, no it doesn't !! Cayden bipod on window.jpg
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Ironing board if your wife allows you to use it. I've used. It's cheap, light to carry and fully adjustable to the height you need. Doesn't absorb recoil on the bigger guns though. Had to learn it the hard way
I bought a small table from Home Depot. Plastic top, metal folding legs. Sturdy, I use it as a portable bench. As I recall was $40 or so. Walmart and Target probably carry something similar.