It’s official!

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Mark K

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I realize this is probably not the place to post this and the moderators can move it where they see fit, but I just wanted to share the news and introduce Connor Justice (CJ) Kite!
It’s been a rollercoaster of a ride the last 4 years, but today my Lil’ Man was officially adopted into the Kite family!
Thanks to all those for their prayers and thoughts throughout this journey. It’s definitely had its low points, but the motto of “Never Quit” prevailed.
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Congratulations! Love the seersuckers. Mrs. K couldn't talk you into any? When in doubt, I'm a khaki and Georgia golf shirt guy as well much to my wife's chagrin.
Congratulations man. Im happy the little fella will have a loving family.


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Congratulations, that's great! A moment you and he will never forget. As a person who was adopted back in 64', I can tell you that the love and bond has little to do with blood. Mom and Dad are gone now but looking back, I wouldn't trade them for any other situation.