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Congrats, Mark!!! May God Bless your beautiful family!!

We’ve been through that rodeo in my own family. My wife adopted my daughter. By the court date, she was in the hospital because of pregnancy complications with our first (my second). The judge allowed her to testify via Skype.

A few days later:

Now we’re the happiest bunch this side of the nut house. Congratulations again!
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Congrats! Great to see an uplifting, happy post. I wish y’all the very best!!

This is one of the most uplifting posts that I have ever read on this website.

It is so easy to see the LOVE that you and your wife have for C.J. and also to see the LOVE that is in his eyes for his new AWESOME PARENTS. I'm so glad that you and your wife never gave up along this long 4 year journey because C.J. appears to be worth every effort that the two of you have sacrificed in making this DREAM become REALITY.

CONGRATULATIONS TO YOUR FAMILY !!!! :cheers::cheers::cheers::lovey::lovey::lovey:


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Man this is an awesome story with a great outcome , one fine looking young man and family , congrats ! I’d bet he’s gonna make a great hunting and trapping partner , hope we get to see him grow up on here ! His smile made my day !


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Congrats to your family!
As Nic said..there’s a lot of Happiness in that room😊. Congratulations to all of you!
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As y’all could see from the pics, he went and sat with the judge while we were being sworn in. Now that in itself is an accomplishment. I was trying to listen to our attorney and pay attention to CJ and the Judge. I finally figured out that he was asking CJ who all was in the room.
After our proceedings were finished and the judge was about to leave, he asked CJ if he had any advice for him. I expected CJ to not understand the question, but I could only hope that. This is where I was glad the papers were already signed and in hand. CJ responded, “Your teeth are dirty and you need to brush them. If you don’t they’ll fall out.” Everyone in the courtroom went silent until the judge busted out laughing and told CJ he’d lay off the coffee and make sure he brushed his teeth more often!
When the judge left everyone busted out laughing...not at the judge but at what comes out of a child’s mouth!