It was a fun day - running and gunning!

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Lanier Jim

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Out this morning with Ken for a sonar/fishing trip. We were prepared to battle the wind and rain....but luckily, we really didn't get wet!
Seeing that wind - first two things that came to mind were the Emerald Popper and Sebile hard swimbait. After about 1.5 hrs - I had Ken's Humminbird Helix 12 and Helix 15 set up and tweaked...and boy they were showing out. Ken got a much better understanding of his sonars.

Finally started fishing....first stop, a solid spot crushed the Emerald Popper. The next few places, we pulled up and the fish started schooling....we hooked several but couldn't get them in the boat. We were getting rocked a little with the wind, but we had them hooked and just lost them. I didn't have a 3.5" swimmer or Ball Jig Head in my "to go" box (since we were in his boat) but I'd bet that little rig would've caught them big.

We kept moving and picking off a fish here and there.....pulled up on one hump and a monster hit Ken's sebile....all I heard was "Oh Wow, Oh Wow.....oh Noooo" .....we got his Sebile back in the boat and the fish had pulled the back hook off. I'm guessing a big striper hit it....or a passing boat
He got slammed!

Moved on ......Ken's still throwing the Sebile - he was getting some good hits.....then he got smoked with a solid 3.5# spot coming the cast - another monster hits but pulls off.

Didn't really pick up the drop shot today - fish were schooling at most every stop and we'd boat one here and there. I'm guessing we missed more than we caught - but what a fun time. Ken loves that Sebile bite and every cast, he was expecting the get slammed again.
We're going on a drop shot, spoon, and Damiki trip soon....he wants to learn that deep bite. LJ



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You gotta upgrade the hardware on a Sebile. The hooks and rings they come with are trash. Nice fish!