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Core Lokt

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This hunt was from last Saturday. I posted it on another forum and decided to share.

If your are or were a deer hunter and hunted long enough, you know the feeling.

Every year me and a friend do a two week sabbatical during the rut. Several members come and join a day or two here and there but we pretty much lay with it. Put it to you like this. Since the Saturday before Christmas I’ve slept in my bed at home 4 nights. The rest were at deer camp. Heck I’m still here and in the stand now.

Ive seen deer and small bucks all but 2 sits out of 16 or so sits. We can’t even drive our trucks in, have to pack a trailer and pull it in with the Polaris and it’s about to get where it won’t make it in. I’ve had a chance on a really good 8 but when I had the shot I couldn’t tell if he met the size requirements. When I didn’t have the shot I could tell he exceeded them...

small bucks on on their feet cruising and trailing does for the most part. Today is the first day that it has been “cold” 51* feels cold when it’s been in the 70’s.

I settle in on a beautiful HW bottom and watch the woods come to life and just giving thanks for everything. Had to ask for forgiveness for some things too lol. As I’m sitting there thinking how I hate for it to be over, I’m ready to go home. It’s 10am when I hear running behind me, I look to the left and see a doe running 20 yds from me with her toung out.

Game on! I click the safety off and she is standing there panting with a “ please help me look”. I know that look and small bucks don’t cause that look. I see a deer in the corner of my eye 30 yds behind me and up the hill, I freeze not knowing what it is but have a good idea.

The doe runs runs two circles and runs right under me and behind me. I spin aroun raising my gun to see the MAN watching her and take off after her. Now I’m spun a 180 and facing the tree the stand is on. He is getting out of site pretty quick with the terrain

I have to stop him so I bleat with my mouth and he stops at 65 yds but I can only see his hind end. Come on man you have to do better I tell my self so I change the tone and bleat again and he spins and is facing directly at me presenting a perfect chip shot.

atta boy I say and rest the cross hairs center of the white throat patch like I’ve done so many times before and squeeze the trigger. Knowing he would pile up right there and I would have what I think would be my biggest buck rack wise. There was no time to count points or nothing, I knew he exceeded the qualifications

all of this his took place within about 30 seconds.

what happened next made my heart go to my big toe. His flag went up, head and tail switched places and with one bound out of site. I couldn’t believe it. I was truly shocked...

i give it about 40 min and get down and go to where he was. Leaves kicked up and no blood or hair anywhere. I go back to the stand, get in and note the exact path that the bullet traveled. Get down and start walking and I see it about 15 yds before where he was standing. A shining in my face magnolia limb that my bullet cut in half. Clean miss

I spent an hour looking all around to make sure and I’m confident he lived to see another sunset. Heck, he was probably trying to find here scent before I got down.

So that feeling, I can’t explain it but if you are or were a hunter you know what I’m talking about and it sucks lol.

Bright side idle I have made forgetless memories with old and new friends and have a wife that lets me do this for so long because she knows I eat, sleep and breathe chasing whitetails during the rut.

Gotta go. It’s looking “Deery” out.


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I hate it for you, but it beats the heck out of that bullet spraying him down in the ham somewhere and a blood trail to the nearest briar thicket or swamp, or across the county only to never see him again. I’ll hope and pray that you see him again real soon, without the dreaded deflection branch in the way next time! Good luck.

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Excellently told drama and we thank you!!!!!
We live for that 30 seconds each deer season. Sometimes things do not work out like we planned. That's what makes it the challenge it is and keeps us coming back for more.
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The most exciting 60 seconds in a deer stand ever for me ended up with me never getting a shot off on up to that point the biggest deer I ever saw while in the stand. I was glassing the corner of a field right at legal light and saw him come into the field at the corner along the edge of the field and head straight up the edge toward my stand. I couldn't get a shot because of the vegetation between us. At one point he was directly below me at the base of the ladder stand 14 feet down but I didn't want to shoot off hand without aiming for such a great deer so I let him pass by thinking he would just walk into the field further up the fence line but he never did. I was totally bummed that day - but since I can l say without a doubt I've relived that moment more than any kill moment - including my biggest. So maybe I got more out of that day by not putting that one on the wall. My uncle did kill him later that year and lordy he was a wall hanger but that was the most intense - exhilarating moment of my hunting career and I wouldn't change a thing about it.


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Enjoyed the story. As you mentioned, many hunters know the feeling. I hope you have the chance to cross paths with him again.