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The weather was too nice and my neck was swelling so I went my Gaffney lease today. I guess the deer must be feeling the same way the place was rubbed and scraped to pieces since Friday's rain. I lost count of both but everywhere I checked both were in abundance. I know it's an early fling but I will say for some reason these deer kick off earlier than anywhere else I hunt. Its typical upper piedmont about 20 miles from NC but for some reason they seem to rut in early to mid October. I've hunted this place since 1998 and it's always seemed to be that way. I have no idea why. Course +-55 does and 5 bucks in 6 years on 1100 acres as well as my 800 acre neighbor buying into our plan hasn't hurt matters. :) This place is loaded with bucks.

The first weekend of October we'll hit with smokepoles and see what they got. :)

Here's a nice rub right beside the road...


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Lots of rubs in Elbert county and I found the first scrape of the year as well. Deer were moving great Sunday evening.


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Last 3 years i've seen the biggest bucks the week of muzzleloaderand the 1st week of rifle season. And my stand is 100 yards from Hancock Co !