Jack Russell attacks fawn . . .

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. . the golf course I'm a member of is right next to the Chickamauga Battlefield and is LOADED with deer. There is an old feisty three legged Jack Russel that hangs out at the maintenance shed. Evidently, he got hold of a fawn and was wearing it out. The doe was big toebig toebig toebig toebig toebig toe and going crazy. Well, the couldn't catch Opie (the dog) so they picked up the fawn and took it about 100 yds to the shed.

Opie finally calmed down and they were able to catch him and lock him up. The took the fawn back out to the woods but the mom wasn't around. They left it there for some time and she didn't come back. Someone went and got some kind of milk to feed it before they left last night.

This morning, while cutting the fairways the fawn came out and followed the crew all over the course! Evidently mama never came back and she adopted them as her new parents. A local lady with a farm has raised orphaned fawns before and they took it to her to raise. Hopefully, she'll do ok.


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Maybe so... Those JRT's don't cut much slack on anything.

Hopefully the lil' girl will make it.


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Yup the Golf course and the battlefield is OVER RUN with deer..(great place to break a beagle off deer) hopefully the fawn will make it..


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I got a friend who lives in Social Circle --He's got a JackRussell that can track a deer down but you better be right behind him when he finds it '' IF YOU WANT IT MOUNTED '' if not that dog will work a deer over --nuthin but fur and skin flyin everywhere ---THE DOG GOES CRAZY WHEN HE GETS A TASTE OF 1 :crazy:


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Nobody ever feed that dog?

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That's a neat story.

My buddy had a fawn imprint on him a few years ago. He was on his back porch when he heard a soft wahhhh, wahhhh, wahhhh.

He started walking through the woods towards his lake, and the noise kept getting louder and louder. There was a drainage pipe, that led out of the dam of the lake and had over the years dug a fairly deep hole and a deep rutted out drainage down to the creek. The wahhh, wahhh, kept getting louder and louder, until my buddy looked down in that drainage ditch. A little fawn had fallen in it and was doing everything it could to keep it's head above the water.

He crawled down into the ditch and water and fished the little buck out. He sat him down and watched him for a while. The fawn started regaining his strength and my friend figured he was okay and started to leave. The little fawn ran up behind him and stayed right behind his feet all the way back to the house.

He made a bed for him in the garage, fed him some milk, and called the DNR the next day. They came out and picked the deer up.