Jackson Lake Bass

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My 13yr old is absolutely eat up with bass fishing. We fished the 1st Berrys Fall tournament Sunday. And finished 7th out of 21 boats. He caught 10 of our 13 fish. C99B7EF1-DFF6-42E0-9D54-A4A747926621.jpeg 4CE65081-166D-47F0-A6B4-756D5CBF5B37.jpeg At one point we caught a triple. I had 2 on a crank bait at the same time and he caught 1 too. Too bad we already had 5 and these wouldn’t help. FB92D064-8CE7-4D9D-BBC3-DBA0DB08BB8E.jpeg He does home school and stays ahead of his schedule so he can go fish and hunt whenever he wants now that we live on the lake. Last night after we go home from hunting. He said I’m taking my boat and hitting dock lights and about an hour later he sends me this. 18E92D2B-1CD4-4E91-811F-23103B9D7ACD.jpeg I’ll add some more of his catches after while


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With so much negativity in the world today, I appreciate seeing a positive post of a young mans passion for this sport. That’s awesome and this passion will keep him out of a lot of trouble during the teenage years. Hopefully his addiction will allow him to pursue this throughout his life. Tightlines and see ya on the water!