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Has anyone had any experience with them? I am in process of buying a pup never seen them or knew nothing until a few weeks ago. They are cool little dogs with one heck of a spirit to hunt, retrieve, swim, and blood trail.


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I have owned and hunted 10 of them over the years down here in Sumter County. Wrote a monthly article on the breed in Full Cry magazine for a number of years. PM if you have any questions. Great hunting breed but a handful!
I know a guy that had a couple. He lost one of them one night hunting. Had a tracking collar on him and still lost him near a road, the track just stopped. He thought someone had pulled over and stole him. He found him 2 days later, dog had a coon backed up in a culvert under the road, He could barely hear him and couldn’t get a signal. The dog stayed on that coon for the whole time. Point being.....they gotta a lot of grit, maybe too much. He got tired of digging him out of dozer piles. They have the heart of a honey badger.