Jailbreak time for a driveler #303

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Up and at it. Built a nice fire in the stove fur my bride. Coffee in my cup. And just a bit going to slip off to my stand.
Best of luck to the ones that are hunting this morning.


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I`m setting here by the fire with a cup of coffee too, fixing to head out myself.

Good morning and good luck to all who are hunting.
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sitting here with a cup of coffee also.


This Driveler Thread surely has a "fresh smell" to it this morning and I just need to avoid that dreaded "Jailhouse".

Good Morning and HAPPY SATURDAY to you Blood, NIC, Gobblin, Batjack and to the rest of the tired and sleepy Drivelers.

A "shout-out" to Ruger to as I surely hope that you keep getting better and back to your normal routines soon.

Blood, I hope that you also "seal the deal" on that buck that you have been chasing also.

NIC, I also hope that you will need a "heavy duty machine" to haul that "MONSTER OF THE SWAMPS" BUCK that has running in circles down in your hunting swamps for a while.

As for me, I am just sitting here thinking about all of you as you hit the woods for a chance at that ELUSIVE giant buck that has been dancing in your heads for a while. I hope that all of you will be able to fill your freezers with lots of fresh venison soon.

My Daughter called me last night and advised they her and her husband will be coming to spend some time with me today and go shopping, have lunch together and catch up on her helping me with some things on my computer that I have to learn how to do for my business endeavors.

She also advised that I must be "present and accounted for" in Statesboro by around 10 AM next Saturday as I will have a fairly long day with some Special Events that involve her and her husband, a Chinook Helicopter and also the GSU Football game later in the afternoon.

Without a doubt, My Daughter, Son-in-law and my wonderful Girlfriend surely makes my life worth living every day to the fullest. I really feel like this older guy has really hit the "JACKPOT OF LIFE" in lots of different ways. :cheers::cheers::cheers:
Good Mornin gentlemen!

Continued prayers for my friend TP, he needs them in a bad way if possible.

Hoping Ruger busts out of that place soon.

Good hunting for blood and Nic specifically, and anyone else that ventured out this morn.

Hoping everyone else has a wonderful day, sometimes we take them for granted unknowingly.

I’ve stoked my little campfire back up and am prepping a turkey breast and Boston butt for a schmoke today.
Rollin' Smoke in the firepit and smoker, as I partake in some brunch. Hard boiled eggs drizzled w/Tabasco, sausage patties, and cinnamon rolls, with Dark chocolate milk and hot coffee.

GON smoke up the neighborhood today


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Yeah, the grease monkeys are gonna run an ocillascope to see if all cylinders are firing. If all looks well I’m outta here, latest tomorrow.
Yeah, the grease monkeys are gonna run an ocillascope to see if all cylinders are firing. If all looks well I’m outta here, latest tomorrow.

Lookin forward to you getting a pardon tomorrow.
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