Jekyll Island Oct. 9 -12

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I'm going down to Jekyll island for Oct 9-12. Any kayak friendly areas around the island? I know we are going to surf fish for bull reds and seine for shrimp but was thinking about hauling the kayak down as well. Thanks in advance!
There are creeks on the north and south ends of the island(Clam, St. Andrews respectively) that are kayak friendly. Have to be very careful with the tides, I recommend going in on dead low the first time so that you know where you can and can't go. PM me with any questions, I live in the area and fish that area a good bit outside of hunting season.


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The creeks and then the oyster beds all along the backside of the island are kayak friendly. Like BayDog96 said be careful of the tides. Go with them and not against unless you have a peddle yak or a motor. Off the beach the bull reds are fun in a kayak too. I'll be down there that weekend as well. The wind all weekend is not going to be fun, but we will work around it.