Jim Porter Memorial Tournament on Lake West Point

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Fishers of Men Georgia South is hosting a Benefit Tournament in honor of Jim Porter. Porter was a GBI agent for the West Georgia Metro Task Force and supported his community for over 10 years. Porter was diagnosed with Leukemia on May 17, 2020 and unfortunately passed away on May 18, 2020. He left behind a wife, son Gus (8), daughter Elsi Jo (5) and new daughter Sadie (3 weeks). Tournament will be out of Pyne Road Park on November 21, 2020. $150 entry fee with a optional $25 side pot for the highest three teams in the side pot. Entry fee can be mailed to Brian Bohanon 12 Cottage Walk NW, Cartersville GA 30121 or paid on PayPal at https://www.fomntt.com/pageflow.cfm?callpage=eventdetail&schid=7626&divid=12&divname=Georgia South - Team

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It is Game Week. This family is having a horrible year. The wife of the officer that passed away mother passed away this weekend from a massive heart attack.

If you have no plans this weekend please think about fishing.


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I hope y’all had a great turnout this morning , gonna try and make the weigh in at 3 ! Considered fishing but work got in the way