John Daly cancer


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Always liked JD, known for long ball, had tremendous touch, T Woods said softest hands on tour in his prime! Thought his lifestyle would catch up to him eventually, my boss & I just discussed this the other day before cancer diagnosis, both agreed that it would be a miracle if he made it to 60
He is definitely a live for today, for there is no tomorrow kind of guy. I've always liked his straight forward approach to everything and his honesty.


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Always my favorite, cause he doesn't fit in. I've read his book, and he's quite a character.


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I have always enjoyed Jon Daly. He hasn’t always made the best decisions, But he has always been hi self and didn’t seem to care what others thought of him. I appreciate that. I am a bladder cancer survivor myself and I know what is ahead for him. I pray he keeps his head up and he takes this seriously. I will be praying for him and pulling for him.