Johnny Cash knife: Got it one piece at a time!

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This is a knife I recently put together with pieces from different places.
1. The blade is made from chainsaw blades forged welded together at a forging get together with a couple friends 15 years ago. We made the billet , forged the blade, ground it to shape and heated treated it. My late friend won the knife in our raffle. When he passed a few years ago, his family gave the blade to me.
I decided to finish the knife and this is what I came up with.
2. Made the handle out of stabilized Buckeye Burl.
3. Made a brass guard for it. Should have made it longer to better fit a sheath I already had.
4. The sheath is one my friend and I made for another project.
Thought it came out nice. Overall length is 13 inches. For some reason I like big knives. EFC4BFBF-3497-4429-9EF9-FAC66CE2FE00.jpeg 2910A3F3-273F-4537-9D1F-A3AD8159CF27.jpeg

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Love it! 90% of my knives are constructed from salvaged, scrounged parts that I recycle. Lot of great quality old materials get tossed and buried in land fills all the time.