JT and Bubba and Friends Live From The Tree AARP Style 2018

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Jim Thompson

Live From The Tree
It is finally here! This year, more than any I remember, has dragged by...but today is the day!

The 13th year of Live From The Tree starts right now...AARP Style :)

Bubba is headed NW and I am headed almost dead west. We should be opening the gate at the cabin in MO at about the same time. Course my drive is only 4 hours which means I am just now leaving!!! As usual the first handful of days will be dedicated to hanging stands and checking and/or moving cams and refining current stands mixed in with morning and evening sits while we beg for the rut to slide in.

This season we will once again have our home base at the Z Farm in MO. This is our 3rd season here and although the TC pics havent shown the deer blowing up, we are hoping this is the turning point to greatness. It’s about 600 acres of an incredible mix of crops and hardwoods and ponds and big creek. The owner has given us a perfect road system and fields that drain properly and its fully gated. Hard to ask for more! We will be sharing the farm with Chris and Cason again and newest member Jeff. Hopefully we will all be on the bucks or at least have a good time trying! Last season we killed the 3 bucks we talked about killing, so it worked out as planned. Should be here until Nov 3rd.

Then we head back to Kansas Farmland Outfitters to meet up with Steve Hall and family. We have had unbelievable success there for 2 years in a row and are going back for the 3 peat! KFO has been good to us and to many, many Woody’s members and LFTT followers over the last few years and several of them will be in camp with us at the same time this year. Chances are we wont see a deer after how good its been the last 2, but I am keeping my toes and fingers crossed for the horseshoe to stay up in there tight :D

And unlike most years, we added a 2nd outfitter this year. We were lucky enough to get drawn for IA again this year and on the 10th or 11th are headed back to see Austin Maas at Broken Brow. We hunted with Austin a few years back and although we didnt kill (like most of our hunts with outfitters) the land, the hospitality and the experience was worth another trip.
Broken Brow Outfitters

From there we will head back to MO for a few days until we head to the house for turkey day.

And then like usual after thanksgiving its up in the air as to what will happen and where we will end up, but we will be somewhere for sure!

As always everyone is welcome to jump in with daily, weekly or monthly updates of their own or just to drop hints, tips and encouragement. We need all we can get and the more the merrier:) Yall make this what it is and everything is appreciated. More than anything, we are always hoping the weather and the deer cooperate. We will have a freaking blast either way, but those 2 things we cant control.

Man….we made it to one more year and as Ol May always said... Load up boys its time.


Jim Boyd

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Goooo JT, Bubba and crew!!!!
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Jim Thompson

Live From The Tree
Finally in a tree again!

I'm in a climber in the back of a hidden field that's planted in turnips and a buffet mix. 1stbtime it's ever been planted. I'm facing into the woods with an old road bed to my left and standing beans further to left. It's very thick in here and my shots feel like 10 or 15 yards.

Bubba is just to the NW in a ladder called H1. He's looking at about 500 acres of standing beans. He'll prolly see a deer or 3?

wind is from sw but swirling bad. It's 57 and the sun is all in my right eye all.

thanks for being along people. To say this feels amazing and welcoming and like home is an understatement.

weve already seen a boatload of deer today, so this might get good...

2 and a half hours to go on the 1st hunt of 2018s Live From The Tree!



Live From The Tree
Woot Woot... BACK in a tree and blessed to be here once again! Its been a bit of a tuff year with back surgery and a couple other challenges but I’m at it again! Beautiful cool evening in the stand i had the adventures with troy last year and the sign is everywhere...back has started acting up but im gonna hope for best cause im in a tree loving life! Y’all join in and lets put some bone on the ground peeps... here us old guys go once again!!
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Jim Thompson

Live From The Tree
I'm deer free, but enjoying every minute of it. Gotta dig my grunt tube out and play a soulful tune ?
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