JT and Bubba Live From The Tree 2012 II

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Well heck they are shutting down the big thread because of the 1000 th post rule.

So here we go with the rest of the thread. Sorry folks.


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Oh well. Just makes it easier to catch up. You know the good thing about your thread this year is that it makes us all realize why its called Hunting.

Good Luck to y'all going forward. Hard work pays off.


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Im in. Leaving tomorrow night for my big week of hunting. Hoping its gonna be good. Even if it is in Ga. Its better than working. Yall kill a big Midwestern beast in the morning!!


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Go get um, I got a decent buck on cam Sunday morning at 8:45. Only problem was I was at other club 2 miles away watching 3 does.

J Ferguson

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U boys ain't gonna have a LFTT togther in IL withal least with the smoke poles????? Either way it's been a heck of a ride with y'all once again this year and good luck till the end...... With all the blue tounge bad luck this year y'all prolly should stay in IL. For a few years till KS & NB recovers.
Way to keep after 'em folks & let's keep chasing them whitetail dreams. Time is starting to get short. For some, the best is yet to come. Let's slay some beasts, Gentlemen. Thanks for all the rocking hunting updates & photos.

This Buck was taken by one of the guys in my group last night. I will get better pics sometime today... after morning hunt. :bounce:

The buck was with a doe and had bred her prior to coming into bow range. He said there was a lot of chasing and grunting going on and that he saw four bucks trying to get the doe. There are 15 scorable points w/ split browtines and don't have weight yet. More to come good luck gents


Boy fine buck Webb .... Well last morn of last day but u never no so we're headed to woods ... I saw a giant yesterday morn so hopefully his girlfriend wants to hang a right in the hardwoods this morn :) my boy sat all day yesterday and saw several deer but no shooters ... Sure hope he sees one this morn it'll make the ride back to Fl a whole lot shorter !!! Good luck everyone and be safe !!
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Red...bubba screwed up our lftt in Illinois by killing early. Course looking back we are glad he did cause it's been a tough month!

I should get a handful of days in Illinois by myself when we roll back in.

In a tree soon people
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Back on stand...and yeah sumn feels right about this morn. Maybe just maybe it's gonna happen for one of us.

I am in a lockon at the head of a lil ridge and a fence crossing.

Bubba is 200 or so behind me in same as yester eve.

not sure on Jake or Chuck yet.

It's 28 with a south wind at 9

Slowly but surely is breaking light...
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Ok so that good feeling about today needs to get here...not happening so far.

Was pretty waking up tho


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congrats Larry...lets see some pics!!.... web that is a sho nuff stud!!!..... back in new lockon on side of hardwood ridge at a sadle above one of few ponds with water....lil buck went by at daylight....needs to happen soon....been a very tuff and tiring month so far!!
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Chuck... Jake had shooter 8 at 15 yds but behind tree left him went behind my gr blind to north ... Stud body 4 yr old