JT and Bubba Live From The Tree 2012 II

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Bubba... smaller 8 headed at me gruntin

At least someone is having fun!

Bthf...if i kill he is gutting and dragging after all the stand hanging I've done:)
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Just passed on about a 130 8.

Doe csme charging over ridge to the west and stopped dead under me looking back. Heard him growling or roaring before saw him.

Came all the way under me but just couldn't pull the hammer. I did clip on tho:p

Got a pic but its blurry as her was leaving


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JT....come on man. Passing on a 130" 8 after the 2 weeks you have had? You got to sling an arrow brotha!
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Gut i was thinking that for sure but just couldn't do it at that moment. Hecki might if he shows back up lol

Almost done for eve....maybe 10 mins left
What a great thrill having them growling & roaring bucks coming in after chasing a doe. Sorry it did not happen for ya'll but hope it does tomorrow after all the hard work & tough efforts over these many long tiring days of hunting.
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Deerbandit...i know its been tough and who knows i might shoot him if i see him again but it really didn't do it for me at the time.

It was very cool to hear that deep grumble coming from him tho. that's the first time this year and it never gets old

Supper time!


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Well its getting a little better for me now. I had a deer up under me at dark, not sure what it was. I also learned that cutting on the light for your sights will scare a deer.
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Mattech i hope it turns for you bro

Deer bandit...i fell asleep with a half hour or so left so hush up...i have it recorded!
JT you see SOA last night? What did you think of the scene with Otto?
Deer bandit...i fell asleep with a half hour or so left so hush up...i have it recorded!
OMG! DB that was what I was afraid he was setting her up for, but I didn't think it would go that far. Jim.....you better stay up and watch that episode......just saying. I ain't missed an episode yet, just like the LFTT threads.

Back on track........hope ya'll see some real bone 2morrow. I know ya'll have worked your arses off and up against some real bad odds mother nature has thrown at ya'll with the epidemics. Brother ya'll have earned what ever ya'll decide to take. No doubt. Appreciate the updates. :cool: