JT and Bubba's month long Live From The Tree! KS, NE and IL!

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Bubbas lil girlie dodge is headed NW right now! He has it loaded down pulling the ranger and getting about 9mpg:D

Hopefully we will get a couple days here in IL before pulling out sunday morning at 2am for seneca kansas. we have a hotel booked for 10 days there and then will leave sometime for verdigre nebraska where we have a house rented. Then either back to KS for a few days or back here in IL depending on time.

this will be our first time hunting either of the properties so yall keep em crossed. or at least pray for us while we haul all those stands around looking for a good tree or 3:p

I am still working until saturday so it will mainly be bubba in a tree the first couple...but I will do all I can to keep yall updated.

This year we will have Flatsmaster and his son pulling into KS a couple of days behind us. and of course all the usuals (plus hopefully a bunch of newbies!) posting up and keeping this thing entertaining.

MAN YEAH!!!! FOLKS WE ARE OFF AND RUNNING!!!! well almost...first I gotta quit my job:bounce:

load up boys...its time:yeah:


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YES! Here's to some sweet beasts on the ground this month! I'm putting the over/under line at 4 bucks for the trips combined.
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Thx folks...just loaded up on groceries and am headed back to the house for maybe a couple hours in an 80 degree sauna!

James the farmer in Nebraska said they found a good bit dead but we don't know how bad it is yet
Go get'em JT!!!:flag:
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80 would be nice right now...but its hotter than that!

But did I mention we are in a tree!?!

I am in a lockon in a little draw between several little ponds that we call the gravel bowls. I've never sat this stand before but it feels good.

Bubba is I. A thick n nasty draw between 2 old Buck brush fields and thick willows and a huge bean field.

We have a group of hunters here on their last day of a hard fought bad weather not much deer seen hunt. I hope they drop a handful of beasts!!!

Its sweltering in the high 80s with a sauna like breeze from the south...

Couple hours before dark y'all hang on and ill do what I can to keep ya updated


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Yeehaw! Bet this'n will be the best ever. Good luck fellers
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No deer yet but at least im starting to dry off from the walk in here...which is only about 200 yards but I did say its hot right?

Service is too bad to load any pics but I will try to later
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