JT and Bubba's month long Live From The Tree! KS, NE and IL!

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2 does just eased past me . Came from my right on top of a lil hump and followed it around behind me.

2 owls are having a blast right now you :)
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Tried a few light grunts to get him to come over for a pic. Didn't come over but is wearing a tree out right now

Man I love this stuff!!
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Ha the lil fella just couldn't stand it and came all the way over here looking for my grunting. I got a quick pic before he went down to the lil pond to get a drink.

Lights fading fast. Woods are still and breeze is gone. Gotta happen quick
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Almost done...maybe 10 mins left.

Not gonna happen tonight.

We will have a couple days of bubba only and then we are loading the truck and heading west.
Good luck guys its snowing in Nebraska the next couple of days where will be. Talked to farmer today ehd hasn't been to bad for our area this year. Will be leaving on the 3rd or 4th heading that way. Got our two Nebraska buck tags and can't wait to slap one around some bone.
Go get on 'em, Gentlemen. Hope ya'll have lots of success on the long hunting trip. Looking forward to following all the great adventures.



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Good luck, stay safe
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Sundays...snow would be good right now!

Deer movement is tough here with the heat and the October lull. Feel bad for the guys that have been here all week and haven't had much movement.

This is where we were this eve and my view


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No tree time his morning. Bubba has been cleaning house all morn getting ready for a group of 6 arriving tomorrow.

He will prolly get in an eve hunt although its gonna be in the 80 s again!

Btw did y'all hear that a cold front is hitting the midwest?

Come on!!!!


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Btw did y'all hear that a cold front is hitting the midwest?

Come on!!!!
Yes. Ya'll should have some nice cool weather for awhile. :banana: Good thing your not hunting the NE because they are saying the weather patterns are setting up for another "perfect storm'. :hair:

Good luck guys.
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Nope....No tree this morning.....HOT...HOT!!!.....Crew that left last night had some of them sit 9 hunts without a sighting....hot weather in Oct is tuffffff in the mid-west !!....So I played house keeper all night doing sheets for 7 beds.....vaccume and toilets this morning!!....Will jump into a tree this evening for a couple hours....Suppose to rain tonight and cooler fri and sat....Hope to get a couple of Good hunts in between loading truck and heading for KS Sat night !!!
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Hey JT how did they take you quiting?

ok so it didnt go over too well but looks like I still have a job:cool:

lukikus...give me the perfect storm brother! I am ready for COLD brutal weather. sumn that gets the beasts on their feet at 9am just to warm up:)

soon people soon
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