JT and Bubba's month long Live From The Tree! KS, NE and IL!

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Nothing wrong with Bubba feeling a little domestic lately, but I'm expecting him to let the warrior hunter side out for this afternoon/evening hunt.

Reports I'm seeing in the southeast & midwest is the Oct. "Lull" is moving out, especially with approaching cold fronts having deep dips in the polar jet stream coming all the way down to the southeast on Sunday along with that well-known magical mystical Halloween time kicking whitetail beast hormones into aggressive overdrive high gear where anything can happen at any time always bringing new weird unexpected hunting experiences & uncommon wallhanger encounters.

Right now I'm seeing New Haven, IL current conditions of a warm 81 degrees with 17mph South winds gusting to 25mph with significant changes tomorrow on Friday with a low of 38 & a high of 57 with 17mph North winds that include a 50% chance of rain.

C'mon guys, let's bring it.


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Just talked to bubba. He is heading to a stand we call the propane stand. Named that because one of our many floods dropped off a huge propane tank (whole house sized tank) in the lil pond beside it

He is in a tall ladder wrapped inside of a white oak with a thick slough to his east which he is sitting at the head of it. The deer bed up around all the ponds that you can see here and then pass the head of the slough headed towards the beans behind him or the massive cut corn to the south.

Like bthf said its warm and blustery at 81 with winds from ssw at 17 or so.

He won't have reception tonight so maybe he will text me the updates...maybe



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That place looks like coon huntin paradise! Good luck fellers!
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Welcome to lftt aj!

Yep it was a tough tough week....but you are welcome back anytime brother

Bubba....8 skeeters and one squirrel


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My worst nightmare is to book a late Oct bowhunt in the Midwest and get 81 degree temps! Going to be much much better next 2 weeks! Good hunting guys
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He is now covered up in turks but still deer less.

Amazing how I hunted 2 days last week and saw 50 some odd deer and the heat hits and the deer shut down

Did I mention it was snowing in verdigre Nebraska this morning? We need to leave today!!!
C'mon PrimeTime. Way to think out of the box Bubba with baiting whitetails with cold water. Ought to be a smelly hormone driven & raging big boneheaded beast not far behind trailing that banana-head beauty.
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He's running out a light. Not looking good. Calling for heavy rain in morning now. Maybe he can sneak one in.

Next group of 6 in town tomorrow eve. Hope they have better movement
This is great. Awesome second job for JT. Just doesn't pay as well right? But you're good at it. Keep it up someone may make you an offer one day.
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