JT, Bubba and Friends Live From The Tree 15th Anniversary!

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I just rolled into Callaway County Missouri and Bubba's not far behind. We are both packed tight and ready for give or take 8 weeks of hanging from trees!

This season we will be in MO, IL and KS for sure and always the possibility of another destination or 2.

We have several new friends hunting with us in MO andaybe IL and several old friends in KS. Of course many of longtime folks will participate and help make this thing epic! EVERYONE is welcome and appreciated and needed.

Like usual this is not only a deer hunting trip, it's everything that goes into the hunting trip. Ups and downs, stand hanging, cameras, crazy neighbors, poachers, game wardens, brutal weather, rain outs, home emergencies, slow hunting, incredible hunting, lots of baby bucks and maybe even a giant or 3, hard work (especially the first week or so), tempers flaring, some fine steak houses, campfires, messican places and maybe even a cold adult beverage or 3.

Lots to do today, but I'll be back when I can with photos and videos of the progress.

Man it's been a brutal, ungodly brutal year, but this...THIS...will make it better....even better if Trump snatches this thing next month too ???.

Load the wagon boys because the 15th year anniversary of Live From The Tree is happening and it's gonna be sumn else!



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looking forward to tagging along for this 15th year of LFTT!!! Im headed to Worth co Missouri next week to hunt Halloween day thru Nov 6th with NWMO outfitters and will join in on the fun again this year. Might stop off in Owensboro Ky to visit a friend on the way back and sit in a stand there for a spell
15 years??? Mercy im getting old. Sitting perched up a tree only about 14 foots up a pine tree right now on Camp Lejeune. Not really sure if I'm up for killing but I sure am hunting. Good to see you JT and Bubba. Be safe and happy hunting. Glad to see yall out and about.

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Im wrapping up work this week and hope to off till the first of the year!
Be careful and stay safe in y’all s travels this season. Hope y’all have a great time and tag out in all states! I’ll be watching and may even join in from time to time.


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Good luck Mr. Jim to you and Bubba!!! I enjoy LFTT more than any other posts on here. I'll be living vicariously through yall with all the ups and downs. Hope we get to see a giant taking a ride here soon. Looking forward to all the views as you see them from the tree. Enjoy the season and best of luck to yall.