Jt, Bubba and Friends Live From The Tree 2016..In Memory of Ol May

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We are rolling thru western IL, almost to St Louis. This season is a mix of somber and excitement. As most know, we lost May earlier this year. May is is the reason Bubba is the outdoorsman that he is today...and without his guidance and insistence we wouldn't be here doing what we do.

So, without a doubt this season is for him.

Our first stop is in Livingston, MO on a new farm. This farm is huge, close to 700 acres. It's a mix of crops and fingers and big woods. We've been on it twice, once in spring and late summer. Both times the farm has looked good, but we are still chasing that perfect MO farm after losing an incredible farm a few years back. Last season the farm we had in MO was a waste of time...hopefully this farm is strong.

On 11/5 we head over to KS for the first time since 2012. This will be the Outfitter Spotlight. We are hunting with Steve Hall with www.outfitterkansas.com. We've had some absolutely incredible experiences wuth some of the best outfitters in the best areas over the last 11 years, but it's been a bunch of years since we've killed with one. This year will be different! We are there until the 12th unless we kill early.

Then we head to Verdigre, NE to what is quickly becoming our favorite place on earth! This will be our 5th season here. In 2012 it was decimated by ehd...with more than 70 deer found dead on 300 acres alone :( the smell was brutal! But every season it's come back and gets better and better. The genetics are great, the farm lays out perfect and the farmer and family are wonderful folks. The weather is the challenge here. Sometimes it's 8 below and other days we get a foot of snow. Def beautiful country! We will hook up with Hunk and Scott again this season.

We have no schedule from there. We can be there for 10 days or 2. Just depends on how strong the MO farm is and how NE is going.

Then we run home for a couple days around thanksgiving. I'll be in a tree in IN and Bubba will be bellied up to the table at home :bounce:

After that Bubba comes back NW and we run back to MO and possibly IL for 10 days or so. Late season we are working on a few days in KY in Jan.

Also...this morning we are meeting with a fella with what looks like a very promising opportunity in MO about 2 hours from our Livingston farm...we will see how that goes.

The first pic is Livingston, then a trail cam pic from Kansas Farmland Outfitters and then old faithful NE.

So there you have it! As always this thing is nothing without yall chiming in. We have a blast with it, but it's definitely more entertaining with your help. So post up and have a blast. Follow here and follow on the new FB group

Oh btw, did I mention that we both came home with 7 or 8 empty tags last season? No deer is safe this year!

Load up boys and girls cause it's time to get in a tree!


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It's about time this thread showed up! Looking forward to it as always :) I know May is with you and that makes it even more special. Remember that 8 pt. I killed with my Dad's muzzleloader? Those are some awesome memories. I swear he was sitting right there beside me. It's going to be a great year. Thanks for taking us along for the ride :cheers:
I am not far from yall. I got in to Primceton Missouri last night and it is cold here. I'll be in a tree this afternoon. Good luck to yall.
It's fast approaching that time of year all Midwestern hunters think about all year! Go get em....


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3 more weeks of work for me & I'll have the ol dodge heading east. Hoping it will only take 25 hours but that depends on the snow tally through the Rockies. Good luck guys a smoke one for Ol May


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have a safe trip............it's time to get this party started.


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Looking foward to it as always Jim. I plan to be hunting Illinois for the 1st time Nov 10th-18th so may jump on board with yall then. Good luck and safe travels.
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Come on Scott! Get in the truck man!

Almos to the first farm that we are gonna walk. Hope it is as good as it sounds and if so we may have to go get more stands :bounce:

All corn is down so far!


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I wish I could leave today but I gotta hold the fort down for a few more weeks. If you need more stands shoot back to Illinois there's 10-12 milleniums & sticks just begging to be in a tree. Lol