JT, Bubba and friends Live From The Tree 2017...12 years stong!

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And here we go! Our 12 year anniversary of this crazy adrenaline filled ride called Live From The Tree.

Bubba rolled in last eve and I will be there tomorrow at lunch. We are starting at the newly improved on farm in MO. Last year we had a different farm in MO and went to look at 190 acres about 2 hours away. Fell in love with the 190 and Gary pulled the trigger immediately with first rights on 950 adjoining acres. We hunted it and it was everything we thought and more, so the trigger was then pulled on it all. We added 8 more members to cover the farm. Old friend Scott and new friends Welsh, Chris, Cason and Jim and Joel and Paul and one fella I havent met. Hopefully everyone will be posting fools! It may be a work in progress, but I feel certain a few bucks will fall this year! This farm has everything a whitetail could ever need to grow old and a land owner committed to the time, money and effort to make it incredible.

Nov 5 me, bubba and scott leave for our outfitter spotlight returning to www.kansasfarmlandoutfitters.com again. Last year our group went 7 for 8 on giants and can only hope for a repeat. Steve and his family are great folks that work very hard to accommodate any and all.

After that week me and bubba head north to meet up with friends Duane and Peggy in Nebraska at the farm we've been on for 6 years now. Because of the logistics and distance from our other farms, we almost let this go year, but Bubba talked me into it again and I am happy he did. We plan to be there for 8-10 days. During that time Scott will most likely split off and head to his IL farm where he has some serious beasts on cam every year but hasnt put it all together yet. This will be his year for sure! He is def due.

After NE, we swing back down to MO to run until thankgiving when we will run home for a couple days where I will get some Indiana and possibly Illinois days on stand.

After turkey day back to Missouri to finish the ride thru Dec 12th give or take a few days.

The 1st pic is the huge Missouri farm and 2nd is the Nebraska farm.

This is gonna be epic! We ask that any and all post up and enjoy the ride. Everyone is welcome no matter where they are. The more the merrier.


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Guess I'll be the first to say good luck, tear em up fellas! Hope all of y'all have seasons that dreams are made of.
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thx fellas, see yall at lunch tomorrow. As usual the plans will start out with scouting and stand hanging and camera checking etc. We gotta figure out the other 900 acres of the farm and that will take some time, but yall will be along for it all.

Jim Boyd

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Get after em guys!!!

I will be in Schuyler and Scott county Illinois 3-16 November trying to get it done - same farms for several years now.

Will be watching your exploits carefully.

Good luck!!!!!!!


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Gentlemen, the best of luck to ya`ll this season. Have fun and be safe. :cheers:
Looking forward to the Midwest LFTT fun getting started. Sounds like a fine whitetail chasing crew. Ya'll have a safe memorable hunting trip.


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Game on boys! Pumped for another year of LFTT.

My wife and I are moving to Omaha, Nebraska after the new year from Florida, so we will be back in big deer country. I'm already looking at hunting leases. I sure would love to link up with you guys next year in the Midwest. Either way - I'll be spending lots of time chasing deer.

I'll probably get a few more days on stand in GA over the holidays, but not much. Already took a doe during opening weekend with the bow ? And a coyote last weekend with the bow

Good luck men!


Get in a tree! Can't wait to follow along!

My adventure will be a few days shorter this year cause I burnt up a lot of vacation time chasing turkeys in 5 states this spring but the memories made with my Dad and son were WELL worth it! I have hit my new Kentucky farms a couple long weekends already and will return November 8 -11 then head out for our annual week in Kansas.

Can't wait to follow along! Best of luck and safe journey!!