JT, Bubba and Friends Live From The Tree AARP Style 2018 II

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Here we go people! Let's start part II of Live From The Tree 2018 off right!

We are now in KS and many of you are just now starting your rut hunts...well except Tomboy cause she's already showed us how it's done and killed an illinois beast and of course lots of you are scattered all across the country hanging 20ft up and having great hunts.

So get started and post up as you can. The time that most of us live for is here!

Nite folks, see you in the AM.
JT. We pull out for Kansas in six days. Keep us glued to the thread and updated on the Kansas rut. We will be in East central Kansas near Marion.
Great story TB
Grabbed a bite and went in and hung a new set. Night stand hanging can be tricky so I hope there are few lanes for me in the Am. Good movement late this afternoon probably will sit all day for next few days see if I can make it happen
I’ll up date tomorrow if signal allows
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We are headed in. I'll update soon as settled. Waited a bit because of rain, but should still be getting in just at breaking good light.

We have a bunch of GA boys up here this week so it aughta be a good time.

Kill sumn people!
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Here we go! Day 1 in sweet sweet Kansas!

We are back for 3rd straight year with Steve Hall and Kansas Farmland Outfitters http://www.outfitterskansas.com . We are doing all we can to 3 peat! Several forum members and GA boys are here this year as well.

I'm in a ladder that backs up to a deep Creek drain with thick bedding to left and alfalfa to right and serious chase and rut land in front.

Yeah I killed a giant 8 with a sweet drop time here last year. May as we'll call this the droptine stand 😎

Bubba is several hundred yards dead west of me in a ladder he killed a gorgeous buck from last year on Ol Mays bday. He's also seen several giants from there that hopefully are still kicking.

It's 45 and overcast and supposed to be windy, but so far it's laying down for us and the rain has subsided although it may come back thru soon.

Here's location map and a little buck that followed me to the stand. Will get views soon.

Oh and how I've missed the fall gobbling turkeys 😍

Good luck people...it could happen any minute of any hour of any day!

Screenshot_20181105-070714.jpg IMG_20181105_066.jpg IMG_20181105_7167.jpg
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