JT, Bubba and Friends Live From The Tree AARP Style 2018 II

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The lull of the midday is here. I'm gonna break out a little coffee and granola and maybe the Pats Titans have 😎.

Bubba's got some errands to run and should be back on stand for the evening. I'm gonna hang here too see if a giants wants to play in middle of the day, otherwise I'll be here for him at dark.

Hang in there people
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Not a monster by Midwest Standards but absolutely the best I could hope for behind my house in northwest Ga thankful for the hunt for the meat in the freezer and for all the veterans that allow me to this hunting thing that we are crazy about now to warren county for about 2 weeks looking for a sure enough
Great buck man! Glad you were able to get in the woods and drop the hammer! Congrats again... Here he is.

Good to know that you're on a farm where the owner takes pride in his herd and when they want you to let deer walk like that one Bubba saw then you can bet he has some monsters roaming them woods,hopefully you two gets one in bow range this coming week.Do they seem to be running like they were in Kansas.Good luck Killers from Dawsonville,ga
First off. Thanks and god bless to all the veterans out there without your sacrifices and all that you do we would not be able to enjoy the freedoms that this country allows us .

I am back in same stand as last night . Hope to have a movement repeat just want to add a little blue to the Back of ol red Betty. 45 degrees and light south winds. Deer were standing in the field when I was walking to the stand. Good luck to jt and bubba and all others. Keeping at it.
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Nothing moving for a couple hours now. I'm still in same stand hoping a cruising buck or 2 does into my drain. I'm expecting the beans to come alive again any minute now.

Bubba made a move to the top of a hardwood ridge on a big green plot. Altho he prolly doesn't have good service.

Bullobe... All the bucks I saw this morning were either chasing does or hanging tight with a doe, except the young one that came to the horns

2 hours...
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Just got on stand in between two cut fields in Kansas. Love guy drizzle. ANd in ten minutes a nice 2 1/2 year old shows up. I think this is going to be a good weeeek. Got some video but it won’t load.
Have to upload to YouTube 1st. Then click share, copy link and paste it in the message here. Better for with WiFi but can be done from stand.

Glad to have you back Savannah!

The little buck left the 1st for and just picked up another across the canal. He's gonna make someone mad, I hope
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