***July 20th / 21st SEVERE WEATHER NOTICE***

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The incoming system tonight has the potential to get pretty ugly for some folks.

The pic is event total updraft helicity. It looks like Georgia hogs it all with a slight slip over the Bama line to our west as this event begins around midnight in our NW corner and hopefully clears the southern most reaches of our state midnight tomorrow night or a little after.

The dynamics are pretty impressive. We can expect good rain, straight line winds upwards of 65 kts (74.8 mph) +/- and sizable hail with these strong updrafts. Temp differences between existing and incoming will be a differential of 10 to 20 degrees F in some locations. This is just begging for explosive lift with these storms firing up along the frontal line of these winds.

Y'all know the drill, eyes and ears peeled, WX Radios on and ready and have your emergency plan in place in case of power loss or worse. If you don't have a WX Radio then download the Weather Radio app by WDT. Set it up to follow your location and set your severe notifications to your liking.