June 3rd - Lake Lanier - A true striper chasing adventure with my brother

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Headed out with my brother today for some striper fishing. Got to our first spot and went to let the trolling motor down when the lock clasp dropped off leaving the trolling motor unsecure. Worked fine while moving, but if stopped to sit over a school, it was banging around on the mount. Then the air pump to the bait bucket malfunctions leaving all but six bluebacks belly up. So with 4 in the water and 6 in the tank, we troll to our next spot. Luckily we had to be off the water by 10am for a BBQ, as we found a school to follow, having one triple and several additional pick ups before running out of bait.

Before the last couple of fish, we disturbed an unknown to us hornets nest behind my fish finder, so it got a bit interesting as we dealt with dive bombing yellow hornets while trying to knock the larva filled nest off the fuse box to alleviate the source.

My brother got his seasons best as did I in all the fun.



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That's an adventure for sure, but sounds like it all worked out. Congrats on the nice fish!
I had a rough morning on allatoona today, so know the feeling...
Looking good Fred. Glad ole Sid hooked y'all up with a few good ones!

Cletus T.

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Sounds like quite the adventure…..thanks for sharing and congrats on some really nice silver bullets!!


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Salute in yo endeavor to persevere!
Congrats to Capt & Crew!
Now I need a nap after using dem big words,,
Word prediction puts words in my mouth?
Fo Sho Shuug!