June Lanier Striper Challenge

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Wow, Wow, Wow! For the past few years, June has been a month for big stripers in the Lanier Challenge, and this one was no exception. Last months’ winner would not have placed in the top six this month. A total of 15 teams participated with 10 teams catching 2 or more stripers.

The stripers are transitioning south and orienting to deeper, cooler water on points and humps and that is where most captains were searching. Teams were using down lines, weighted free lines and planer boards to catch their fish. Some of the bigger fish were caught on gizzards, the rest were caught on blue back herring.

A huge congratulations to team Get Hooked. They only caught 2 fish but they were good ones. One was 42 inches and the other 38.5 inches for a club record 80.5 inches! Second place went to team Catfish with a 2 fish total of 66 inches. And placing in the top three again this month was A-Rod and Reeltor with 62 inches.

With the waters warming up we hope everyone will consider using a deep water release device to help with the survival of the stripers. We recommend the use of one to all of our club members.

Come visit us at our next meeting and see what the Lanier Striper Club and the Lanier Challenge is all about.
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Thanks for sharing the details of the tournament and the current fishing pattern. The members/participants are definitely "taking it up a notch"! Congratulations to all.


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No doubt, it's going to take some inches to place from here on out.Great job to all the teams involved, always enjoy fishing with a solid group of anglers.
Thanks for the detailed report Keith, I am hoping to start catching fish again soon! LOL


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Dan is just trying to make it interesting this year, lol.