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I competed in a bbq competiton a few weekends ago here in Ellaville. Stick burner only, no sauce allowed on Ribs or Pork box and teams had to do a smoked dessert. Wings did great, way better than I thought they should have done actually. Ribs and Pork box both tasted and looked good and placed middle of the pack. Which I was happy with considering I was competing against professional cooking teams as a backyard team. I was messing with the ribs and the pie got over cooked and wasn't picture worthy so I used one of the practice pies from home the other day.

We also did some dove poppers at work the other day using sweet peppers and it turned out awesome. They didn't last long around here!

Anyway y'all have a great night!


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I bet you were tired by the end of the day
I stayed up all night with the smoker, it was the weekend we had a cold snap. My wife and sister in law slept in the enclosed trailer on an air mattress warm and cozy. My wife got up at 6 and came out so I got about 45 minutes in a lounge chair. I got home and took a shower and laid down at 5:30 Saturday afternoon and slept until 8:30 Sunday morning.

My wife said she checked me to make sure i was breathing about 6 because I never sleep like that. 😂 Saturday night does not exist in my memory haha
Good looking eats!