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Had the opportunity to shoot a few doves this weekend. First hunt for the Boykin, he did ok for 7 months old and it being his first time. My English Cocker was a rock-star, just like always. She amazes me more and more every time I watch her work.


If it includes your kids, a FBEC and a LBD you just gotta love it ..... great pics

This is my May (Mayhem) at 3 1/2 Mos. on last year's opener...... cutest pic I could locate. Most important part is I didn't shoot the bird it was my grandson who connected for her first retrieve...... #passiton #proudmoment


Out of state imposter but spent my 5 years in Athens in the late 80's so Go Dawgs!!

I think I registered here a dozen years ago or more.... just occasional poster now that I am in SC.