Just go ahead and drop a nuke on Portland


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I wish Trump would just go ahead and declare Portland an ISIS stronghold and drop a low yield nuke on it! Poof problem solved!
That would be a shameful waste of a nuclear weapon.:cool:
The voters all over that state are out to lunch.


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Just give the whole West coast to liberals and let them have their own country. Their values are further apart from conservatives than the British and the colonials in America before the war started.


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I want Trump to send the Military in and clean it up!

If people want to resist they are on their own, no Federal $ to clean it up!
Our son is there working on the construction of the Intel plant. Beautiful country but he said they are some kind of lazy over there. (I was making this the G rated version of what he said)


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I'm of the opinion we should stay out of it if we can. Let the liberals burn it to the ground. Let the voters that put that "leadership" in place pay for voting stupidly. When they want a change, they can vote in better people. I just wonder how many of them will have to die and how many nights in burned out houses they'll have to spend before they decide to make a change.

All we have to do is stay quiet, not egg them on, and leave them to it. Eventually they won't be able to believably point the fingers at us if we keep ourselves from being involved.