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Went to Ga. this past week end to meet with Mike Owens of the Grey Ghost Hunt Club in Marion Co. just west of Buena Fiesta. Mike took me on the three dollar tour and I have to say I liked what I saw did not walk the woods but rode around on the 4-wheelers. I was in good company with Mike and His fiancee Gail really nice folks. I'm now a member of this club. If anybody is looking for a club I would recommend checking this one out. Claims to have some great guys in the club ....can't wait to meet the rest of the crew. Anyways to make along story short I have an injury. I pulled or tore a muscle in my back around my left shoulder blade before I left to check out the club. Sat. morn. when I pulled out it was not bothering me. By Sat. night I was in some pain drove over to Vapors in wheeler Co. and was going to do some hunt'un with him but way to much pain. Made it back home went to the Doc got some pain killers and thangs are purdy good right now so if I have slurred typing please excuse me. Doc also said I needed to rest for 4-8 weeks I don't think that will happen I do like to eat but bow season maybe out. :mad:
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Maybe after a couple weeks of rest pulling that bow can help to rehabilitate that muscle. I know my bow can certainly make my back feel better when the muscle below my shoulder blade acts up.