Just Some Fish


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Couple less worries!

trad bow

🏹wooden stick slinging driveler🏹
Good fishing right thar. We use to catch a lot of the jacks in South Georgia swamps during the dry periods of summer by what the the old folks called mudding.


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Cool. I have never caught a bowfin, always wanted to.
1 would be enough. They are one of the hardest fighting freshwater fish though. A 5lb mud fish is a fight
You're right about that, pardner,...mudfish is STRONG.
I caught one of those bums on my "genuine 4 pound test line, zebco 44, JC Higgins rod, brim fishing rig" and I thought I never would get rid of him.
On and on and on went the struggle...he looked like he was about 3 feet long, swimming around out there. Followed him with the electric motor and he just kept on pulling and making the drag "bzzzzzzzz".
I finally said "enough of this" and broke off the line.